Steak and Eggs: An Idle Mind is the Devils Playground

So one of the Benifits to being the editor of a prestegious internet publication like steak and eggs, is the ability to surf the internet endlessly in search of interesting stories, news articles, videos, or pretty much anything that i think is going to amuse my staff and keep there creative juices flowing. sometimes it’s with panda sneezes and some times it’s with free tickets the the Toxic Avenger. Which by the way, was awesome! (National Post review here). The wost culprit of this time wasting phenomenon is Facebook. Oh Facebook vile destroyer of my productive time, how I love to hate you. It’s not just Facebook thats guilty of this the true purpitrators of this atrocity are the facebook apps. Over the last few weeks i’ve filled out more quizzes and “which marvel character are you”‘s than i had ever cared to do in my entire life.but the king of all these is a new poker application i’ve found called Pokerface It’s a ton of fun and a great way to kill some time and earn some prizes.

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